A powerful brainstorming tool for creatives

A carefully designed set of ideation cards for design, creativity, innovation and workshops


Generate ideas fast and easily 

Triggers is a set of cards with "what if" questions that open paths to solve whatever creative project you are facing.

Co-create, ideate and run productive brainstorming sessions.


Spark your creative thinking

All the cards are designed to immediately spark thoughts in your head, making the idea-generation process smooth, open and fun, avoiding the creative block and pushing ideas further.


Specifically designed for creatives

The cards combine design thinking methodology, psychology and participatory mechanisms.

All compiled in a carefully designed set of cards.


A tool for workshops and ideation

The cards work great for creative directors and facilitators that want to lead a creative workshop, and for creatives looking for support to their ideation sessions.

A trusted  ideation tool

Triggers is used by teams at these awesome places. We are proud to have hundreds of users around the world.


An effective ideation method for any creative session

Our decks are categorised in different topics so they can be as effective as possible in your brainstorming workshops. Choose the right one according to your project.


Currently we have a total of eight ideation decks and four different collections.


Simple and direct

Ideation made simple. Don't waste time with complicated processes and exercises. Triggers is designed to be straightforward and practical. It works in just three simple steps.


1. Define your problem

Whatever it is. Make it simple and straight forward. 


2. Take a Trigger card

Read the "What if" question on the card.


3. Brainstorm ideas

Use the question to create ideas to solve your problem.

What creatives think of Triggers

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A deck for every creative challenge