The brainstorming tool for smart creatives


Generate ideas fast and easily 

Triggers cards is a brainstorming tool for freelancers and creative teams

Triggers is a set of physical cards designed to help teams and individuals to ideate more efficiently.

Each Trigger card has a "what if" question that will instantly spark your thinking, making the ideation process more diverse, dynamic and fast.


A deck for every creative project

Triggers questions are organised in decks with different topics.
Explore them to choose the best for your type of projects.

Essential deck

The deck for rational thinkers.

Use it to create graphic design projects, campaigns, ads, posters and promotion tools.


Innovation deck

The deck for forward-thinking ideas.

Use it to create tech oriented projects, new products/services, campaigns, edgy ideas and ideas focused on Millennials.

User-Centric deck

The deck for creatives that put people in the center.

Use it to create new products/services ideas and innovation based on users.


Serendipity deck

The deck for the out-of-the-box thinkers.

Use it to create storytelling, ads, campaigns, ambient ideas, space ideas, products/services and any other challenges.

A creative method everyone can use

Using Triggers is simple. Here are the only three steps you need to take.

1. Define your problem

Make it simple and straight forward. 

2. Take a Trigger card

Read the question and make sure you understand it.

3. Brainstorm ideas

Note down the thoughts that spring to mind.

It's that simple!

How creatives use Triggers

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A deck for every creative challenge

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