Take your creative process to its full potential

We have facilitated sessions in more than 30 different cities for all kind of agencies, studios and organisations. Our workshops are designed to transfer all our process expertise, develop a practical mindset and apply a framework that help teams collaborate closely and more efficiently.


Bring your team together

Get everyone on the same page. Our sessions are a perfect moment to develop your team culture and have a break from daily work stress. It's the time where you can take one step back and understand your team context better.


Reflect on your design process

Every team faces challenges as they take on projects. We facilitate sessions that assure your processes encourage participation and ownership to produce a better creative outcome.


Apply a co-creation framework

Due to compressed deadlines and routines, we tend to improvise the way teams work together. In our experience, a shared and robust methodology always lead to better results. We help organisations develop those processes that can be used internally and even for working with users and clients.


Get tools that facilitate innovation

It's not easy to adapt to new challenges and keep up with trends while delivering faster and more efficiently. Creativity should be something that emerges from your team without forcing it. We find tools can be a great asset for that.


Previous experiences

Type of sessions

Team process


Hold a custom-made session to reflect on your team’s design process and learn about co-creation and facilitation methodologies.


From four to six hours

Up to 20 people

Project facilitation


We facilitate and design the sessions so your team can produce the best result possible. We organise the workshops for the internal group, but it's also an excellent option for projects that require you to create together with your client or users.

Work sessions

Depending on the project

Team getaway


On top of Barcelona’s Tibidabo mountain, there is a quiet and inspiring building that used to be an old private library. There, we hold workshops and sessions with teams that are looking for a new experience, away from the office and the daily stress.


From one to three days

Up to 12 people


Creative process expertise

Since the start of Triggers, we have chosen to focus on the way teams work during the creative process.

As innovation becomes a standard in the industry, our design processes need to be more efficient and customised. We feel there is a need for practical methodologies and mindsets that lead to better results and fewer frustrations.

Our founder, Alejandro Masferrer, has years of experience worldwide facilitating workshops and creative sessions for clients like BBH, TBWA, adidas and LG and has participated as a speaker in many festivals like Cannes Lions and Typo Berlin.

Triggers is also building an international network of facilitators and creatives that are experts in service design, machine learning, blockchain and more.


Want to improve your team's creative process?

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All workshops can be facilitated in English and Spanish.

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