What creatives think of Triggers

Intrigued to know how it feels to use our cards? Hear it from our users.


Here is a compilation of some of the feedback our users send us. We can't be more proud of it.


I became a fan  after using them in a co-creation workshop with client stakeholders. Triggers helped me refocus a brainstorm exercise and ensure the ideas generated were beyond mainstream! 

Filipa Silva
- Business designer @ Fjord


I found it a great and useful ideation method. The simplicity and speed were a vital part for us when using it.

Abraham Asefaw
— Creative director @ The Pop Up Agency


The cards are great, they are a perfect way to spark ideas when the process starts to slow down. They also help to see things from all kinds of perspectives, so we love to use them for our projects!

Tobias Wortmann
— Managing Partner @ Verstärker


The prompts were super helpful for a solo brainstorm last week just to get my mind thinking differently. Just ways of thinking about solving problems you wouldn’t consider.

Jason Gonzales
— Associate Creative Director @ Push


Its super nice! So useful. We had a very very boring problem to solve, and the cards instantly made it become super cool.

Rafael Pini
— Creative director @ Digital Fans


I freaking love them. Whole team is loving it. Fast and good way to change thinking directions. Ideas just come.

Sven Luka
— Creative director @ Imagine


The cards had my creative juices flowing! I had a blank page with my problem. I looked at card one, wrote the trigger down and then wrote down an idea on how I could solve that problem with that trigger.

Kate Fenton
— Graphic Designer


We did 1-minute brainstorming rounds with random cards from the User-centric deck. It was a very proactive way of generating new solutions to very particular problems.

Paloma Medina
— Researcher @ Sound Diplomacy


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