Brainstorming exercise - The judge

A slightly different version of the rounds exercise introducing some gamification mechanisms. 

Team members:
From 3 to 8 (for bigger teams, divide them into several groups)

From 30 to 60 minutes (between 4 and 10 rounds)

Gather your team to work together on ideas with this simple creative method


Circle groups around a deck of Triggers cards in the middle. Every team member should have a bunch of post-its and markers ready.

Before start

Always read your focus problem out loud and make sure everyone understands it. Find guidelines about how to prepare a good briefing question here.


1. One person takes a random Trigger card and reads it out loud for the rest.

2. Everyone, except this person, takes 2 to 3 minutes to note down ideas.

3. The group takes turns to pitch their ideas to the person that took and read the Trigger card.

4. This person will act as a judge and will decide what idea is the winner of this round.

5. Place the winner idea on a pile where you can browse when you are done with the exercise.

6. Continue to the next round, changing the person that will act as a judge.