Brainstorming exercise -
Speed dating

A good method for groups. It's fun and fast. You'll get a table full of ideas in no time.


Team members:
From 4 up to 16 (for bigger teams, divide them into several groups)

From 20 to 30 minutes

A fast-paced ideation method for creating a lot of ideas in a brief period of time.


Prepare a big table with loads of post-its, one stack in front of each participant. The group will gather around the table and will have to move all the time so you won't need chairs. Make sure everyone has a marker.

Before start

Always read your focus problem out loud and make sure everyone understands it. Find guidelines about how to prepare a good briefing question here.


1. Place a bunch of Trigger card in front of each person

2. Give everyone 2 minutes to take one Trigger card and note down ideas on the paper in front of them. They can use drawings, charts, keywords and short sentences.

3. After the time is over, tell everyone to move one place to their left.

4. In this new round, they have another 2 minutes to evolve and build on top the ideas the person before left. They can use the ideas on the paper or take a new Trigger card.

5. Repeat this process for 5-6 times or until everyone moved back to their starting points.

6. Give everyone some time to go through all the ideas on the table. Let everyone note down their favourite ones on post-its or give them stickers to vote for the bests.