Brainstorming exercise - Rounds

This is the simplest way of using Triggers cards.

Team members: 
From 1 to 6 (for bigger teams, divide them into several groups)

From 15 to 45 minutes (between 3 and 12 rounds) 

This is the simplest way of using this creative method


Circle groups around a deck of Triggers cards in the middle. Every team member should have a bunch of post-its and markers ready.

Before you start

Always read your focus problem out loud and make sure everyone understands it. Find guidelines about how to prepare a good briefing question here.


1. One person takes a random Trigger card and reads it out loud.

2. Everyone takes 1 or 2 minutes to write ideas down on their post-its.

3. Share your notes with the rest of the group.

4. Before you end the round, make sure you put the best ideas on a separate pile so they don't get lost.

5. Repeat the process.