Machine Learning Deck

Prototype version



Thanks for trying out the prototype of our upcoming deck.

This deck is designed to help you in the following situations:

  • Generate ideas that uses Machine Learning technology

  • Brainstorm applications for artificial intelligence

  • Create new services/products with AI

  • Explore how ML can expand your business

  • Solve problems with AI + ML

Please, be aware that the following is an early version of the deck. That means there will be grammar mistakes, misspelling and some questions might not even be useful. Let us know how it worked and we’ll make some changes based on your feedback.

You’ll see every question has a number. Please, note down the number with your comment when you want to give feedback.


Please before you start make sure you have the following ready:

  1. A clear focus question. It will define the goal of the ideation session. For example; how might we use machine learning to improve our service?

  2. Material. Some pen, paper and post-its.

How to use the questions

  1. Define your problem. Whatever it is. Make it simple and straight forward. 

  2. Use the Trigger question. Read the "What if" question out loud to your team.

  3. Brainstorm ideas. Use the question to create ideas to solve your problem. Click “next” when you want a new one.


Ready? Go for it.

Below you have a random card generator. Take your time to read the question and brainstorm ideas with it. Click to get a new card when you are done with the current one.