Landing cards

It's hard to decide on ideas. Use this method for decision making tool.

What is it for

After every idea-generation process, you might find that some of your ideas are very original but a bit too far from reality.

We included these cards to fix that problem and create a system to bring all ideas down to earth.

The Landing cards are very rational. Its aim is to question important parts of the idea.

How to use them

1. Choose the landing questions you need for your project. Feel free to add your own questions if you feel it's needed.

2. Place all Landing cards on a row. Write your idea on a post-it and put it at the beginning of the row.

3. One by one, try to answer the question on the card. If you answer is positive, jump to the next question. If your answer is negative, propose changes/additions to make it positive.

4. When you are done, sum up all the changes on a new post-it, explaining the final idea.