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Storytelling Deck

The deck for crafting cool stories. Use this deck to find narratives and ways to tell a story. It could be used in campaigns, social media, videos and communication pieces.

The Storytelling Deck is designed to deliver messages and stories creatively. Beware that you will first need a story/message to tell.

The questions on this deck will inspire you to explore different ways of narrating a message. You can use it in almost any project that has a story like websites, social media campaigns, articles, books and movies.

This deck contains 60 triggers cards with questions.


Use it for

Scenario 1
How might we tell our brand's story?

Explore how you can deliver your brand's message in different pieces like a website or an ad. In this case, you already have an idea, brand or product you are working with, but don't know yet how to tell its story in a meaningful way.

Scenario 2
How might we tell our message in a ______?

Find ways of taking the most out of a particular medium. In this case, you have defined a message you need to tell, but you need to explore how to adapt it at a specific platform like Youtube, a magazine or a podcast.

Scenario 3
How might we create a narrative for ______?

Think about ways of translating a story into a different medium. In this case, you something you need to communicate but have to adapt it to a different format.