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Innovation Deck

The deck for forward-thinking ideas. Use it to create edgy ideas, new products/services, campaigns, and projects focused on Millennials.

The Campaign Deck is designed to help you with campaigns and ideas that look to innovate and respond to current trends. It will work with marketing ideas, tech projects and product-oriented concepts.

The questions on this deck will inspire you to explore technological, consumptions and social trends. You might use them to create brand messages, PR actions or new product ideas.

This deck contains 60 trigger cards with questions.


Common cases in which you can use this deck

Scenario 1
How might we launch an innovative campaign to promote _____?

Design a talk-worthy communication campaign for a brand or organisation. In this case, you have the goal of getting media and audience attention with an innovative communication action, but you still have to find how.

Scenario 2
How might we modernise our product or service?

Find ways of updating a business experience. In this case, you have the challenge of making a project innovative, but you still have to explore ways of doing it.

Scenario 3
How might we add technology to our product or service?

Think about making the product you are offering techy or digital in a meaningful way. In this case, you have to find a way to translate an experience digitally, but you have to work on how that might look like.