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Human-Centric Deck

The deck based on people's needs. Use it to create new products/services ideas and innovation that put users in the centre.

The Human-Centric Deck is designed to help you find exciting opportunities related to human needs and emotions. It will work perfectly for creating new products, new features, new services or communication pieces that look for fulfilling a purpose rather than just a financial goal.

The questions on this deck will inspire you to explore ways of creating community, satisfying people's expectations and needs. It's a great way of making products and services that people will love and use.

This deck contains 60 trigger cards with questions.


Common cases in which you can use this deck

Scenario 1
How might we create a new product/service for _______?

Plan a new release for a particular sector, industry or target group. In this case, you want to expand your audience with a new product or service, but you want to explore what that new thing would be.

Scenario 2
How might we improve the experience of ________?

Find ways of making the experience more interesting for your users. In this case, you already you have the challenge of improving the user journey, but you still don't know how.

Scenario 3
How might we add extra value to our product?

Think about how to add features that will serve a purpose. In this case, you have to find functionality that will help your users love your product or service, but you still don't know which one that will be.