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Graphic Deck

The deck for designers. Use this deck to ideate about visual and graphic ideas. It can be used in any design project like posters, websites and packaging.

The Graphic Deck is designed to work with the visual aspect of a project. It won't help you generate concepts or ideas, but how the graphic elements will work on communication, digital or design piece.

The questions on this deck will inspire you to explore different ways of solving a design challenge. It's an exciting alternative to browsing on Pinterest and Behance, as it will get you to more imaginative solutions.

This deck contains 60 trigger cards with questions.


Common cases in which to use this deck

Scenario 1
How might we solve the graphics part of _______?

Imagine the visual shape of a project. In this case, you already have an idea, brand or product you are working with, but don't know yet how to solve the graphics part.

Scenario 2
How might we design a graphic system for a brand?

Find ways of matching your brand personality with a design solution. In this case, you have defined the tone of voice and values for a brand, but you need to start working on its visuals.

Scenario 3
How might we add value to the design aspects of the project?

Think about ways of creating a visual impact. In this case, you have to work on illustrations, packaging or design, but you don't know how to make it as appealing as possible.