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Business Design Deck

The deck for monetising your ideas. Use this deck to design strategies and expand current business plans. Find new market opportunities and rethink your company model.

The Business Design Deck is designed to think about the financial and structural aspect of a project. Beware that you will first need a business idea, and then you can use this deck to explore different monetisation possibilities.

The questions on this deck will inspire you to explore different ways of making your project feasible or expanding it with other revenue streams. You can use it in any business category.

This deck contains 60 triggers cards with questions.


Use it for

Scenario 1
How might we find new ways of monetising our project?

Explore other ways of getting money for your project. In this case, you an idea, company or plan and want to expand its business model with other revenue streams.

Scenario 2
How might we rethink our current organisation?

Find ways of structuring a company to make it more efficient and agile. In this case, you work with a project but haven't think about its organisational model yet.

Scenario 3
How might we make our project feasible?

Imagine creative ways of financing a project. In this case, you are working with an idea that might be lacking the financial plan but still want to make it happen.