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Brand Strategy Deck

The deck for strategists. Use this deck to position and create meaningful brands, find opportunities and expand your company’s personality.

The Brand Strategy Deck is designed to work with branding projects. It will work for those who need to clarify a brand platform and design a robust personality.

The questions on this deck will inspire you to think about how your brand behaves, talks and works. It contains valuable items that you can use alone or even with your client.

This deck contains 60 trigger cards with questions.


Common cases in which you can use this deck

Scenario 1
How might we design our brand platform?

Think of behaviours, communication style, the tone of voice and everything that will make a brand unique. In this case, you have a brand you need to design, but don't know yet how to make it different to the others.

Scenario 2
How might we develop our brand's personality?

Find ways of crafting a personal tone of voice. In this case, you need to find a way in which a brand will communicate, but you want to consider different approaches first.

Scenario 3
How might we make our brand react to ______ situation?

Think about how a brand can behave in a particular situation. In this case, you might be getting ready to a particular context or designing your brand's behaviour for a future event, but you don't have a clear path yet.