How Triggers started - the story of a new brainstorming tool for creatives


Triggers was started by Alejandro Masferrer, a creative consultant, in May 2016 as simple website explaining a concept for a creative method. Thanks to the interest created in just a few days, Triggers launched and got funded on Kickstarter a month later.

The idea of Triggers started long ago during some ideation workshops; sometimes you try a great group exercise for ideation, but the whole team thinks the same, or they just can’t get any ideas. The method might be great, but the inspiration is not there.

Triggers cards contains “what if” questions that make you think in different directions, accelerating the process of generating ideas.

Questions are designed as generic as possible, so they fit most kind of creative problems

The creative process behind Triggers

Triggers cards: this is how the brainstorming method works, it uses external stimulation

Triggers questions are like doors or paths. Every time you take one card, you are opening a door and taking a sneak peek of what’s inside. These doors make you curious, awake and creative.

We have seen how the cards work in very diverse teams, and the results are very promising. These are some of the conclusions we got:

1) It’s very horizontal. Everyone can use it, it’s simple and direct, and makes all members of the team a great asset to ideate.

2) It’s very flexible. You can use the cards in many different ways and techniques. There is not just one way.

3) It diversifies thoughts. With the cards, groups and individuals tend to think out of the box and get unexpected results.

4) It works! You can see how people immediately start spitting out ideas when they use them.

Triggers vision - How it could help all kind of creatives

Triggers cards: the creative vision

For the launch, Triggers is focused on creativity, design thinking, service design and advertising projects, but the long-term vision is much richer and broader.

The ultimate vision is t0 develop Triggers to be a tool for opening and diversifying thoughts, in whatever topic that might be. We are talking about science, literature and even politics. 

We are excited about the potential of the project and to have the opportunity of researching on different fields and collaborating with other people.

Let’s see how far we can take Triggers.