Kate’s experience; using Triggers cards in graphic design

We asked Kate about how she uses Triggers as a creative tool on her daily work.

This piece is part of a series of interviews with cool cats from the Triggers community.

Creative tool for designers

Kate in action, researching for an University project

We got in contact with Kate through our Twitter account. Since she discovered TriggersKate has been actively interested about the stage of the project and very keen to receive her Essential deck. That finally happened last Saturday, so we decided to ask her some questions about her first experience with it.

Kate is a young graphic designer from the UK (just graduated in July!), altho she is already working on an exciting project redesigning and marketing a brand. Her talent is undeniable, but if you want some proof, she won the Google “POPAI” award for a Play-Doh sweet shop she designed to help kids swap their technology for a fun, creative material.


Kate’s playful design style

“I love solving everyday problems through design. The idea of creating/designing something which helps someone/something is a brilliant feeling.”

When asked about why she got interested in Triggers, she answered “it seemed a fantastic concept to take your ideas that next step further, into a realm you wouldn’t have thought ordinarily. I backed the project, and bought the Essential deck for my new job.”

Kate had an ideation session the Monday after her Triggers arrived, and we couldn’t wait to hear her experience:

“The cards had my creative juices flowing! I had a blank page with my problem in the middle. I looked at card one, wrote the trigger down and then wrote down an idea on how I could solve that problem with that trigger. I’m currently on card number 29 — I’m excited to carry on tomorrow morning!”.

Creative method for graphic designers to help them get ideas

Kate’s notebook full of ideas after her first session with Triggers

“The cards made me think entirely differently”.

And what if Kate had to choose a favourite “What if” card?

“I have a few favourites… a metaphor to solve the problem, think of the opposite message you’re trying to illustrate, and what if your idea was a pop-up shop.”

We couldn’t be happier to help cool creatives like Kate get the most out of their creative talent! We thank her for this interview and wish the best for her exciting just-started career.

If you want to follow Kate’s work, here is her Tumblr. Enjoy!