Reasons why a self-managed team creates better ideas than traditional structures

Creativity is always linked to freedom. When you feel good, excited an content, you get inspired, and that helps nurture your creative thinking. If we have that point clear, why do we keep those rigid structures that make teams feel imprisoned?

It can be hard to share the power and let your team decide for themselves, but the truth is, that will empower them to create better ideas. Here is why.


A self-dependent team will feel responsible for everything they do. Because they are the ones that will have the power to decide and succeed or fail, they'll do their best to end with a positive result. They will care more about the project. They will treat the project as theirs.

There is nothing more frustrating than doing things because someone told you to do them. A team that feels ownership of a project won't mind expending more time or effort in solving it. 

When you don't depend on a boss or higher structures, you know you'll have to find all answers within your team. That will make each member stay curious, learn and develop new skills.

We talked several times about how important it is to feel trust and trusted when generating ideas. When you believe your team will do the best in a project, they will believe in themselves too. They will create without constraints and fears. That will unleash their imagination.

Think about your agency or organisation; are you giving your team the freedom they need? Are you letting themselves self-organise or making them feel imprisoned instead?