Tips on how to lead a successful brainstorming session

Leading is an art, and when it comes to creative tasks, it gets even more difficult. If you have to organise an ideation session, you better be prepared.

There are many difficulties you might find, so it's better to keep things under control and be ready for any adversities you encounter.


Clear path and goal
The first thing is to make sure you know what you want to get out of the session. Be very specific about it and design everything around it. Some people like to improvise and trust themselves to experiment along the way. That's cool, but risky too. We advise you to have all the exercises and steps planned. Of course, there is room for improvisation, but let's start with a solid strategy.

Adjust to your audience
You'll have to lead the session differently depending on the participants. Be aware of their knowledge level and previous experience. You don't want to bore or lose them.

Think of it as a service
You are there to facilitate the team's work. It's not a talk or a concert. You shouldn't be the centre of attention. Everything you do should be directed to achieve the session's goal and make the participants' work more comfortable.

Share the agenda
It gets easier if people know where they are going and what others expect from them. So do go mysterious and let everyone know about what will happen during the session.

Simple methodology
Don't overcomplicate thing. There is a common tendency of choosing very elaborated exercises because they look professional and intellectual. It doesn't have to be that way. Just pick what will work for you.