Overcoming the barrier of the blank page

The start can be one of the most challenging parts of the creative process. It's time to get those new ideas going. It's you against the blank page. You look at it. Try to sketch something. But nothing comes out your head. All you can see is the blank page.

The truth is creativity needs fuel. It needs to start from somewhere. It doesn't matter if you a senior creative or new to the industry. Your mind can't create from zero.


Inspiration comes after knowing the problem very well. Or sharing thoughts with your colleagues. Or using an ideation tool. Prepare yourself with these resources before you start ideating. It will help you starting and warming up.

In particular, these are some exercises you can try:
- Writing down questions to solve related to your problem (for example, "how could we make a motivating idea?") 
- Creating libraries of elements associated to your brief (for example, technology, scenarios, personas and competitors)
- Interviewing your users (they might give you ideas)
- Compiling insights from research (look on social media, reports, books and the internet)

So no. There is nothing wrong with your head. If you don't feel inspired by the blank page, it's ok. It's normal. Instead, next time try to fill that paper. Create some background and a base before you start ideating. It will feel more natural and smoother.