Tips for creating engaging storytelling

Storytelling is everywhere. We are fascinated by stories that touch our sensibilities or get our attention with its format or structure. In a moment when every brand (and person) has something to say, it became critical to tell stories engagingly.


Within this context, we thought of compiling some key points we should take into consideration when ideating around storytelling.

Have it clear what you want to communicate
As with any other idea, you should start with a goal. What do you want to achieve with your story? Is it to make people reflect? Get noticed? Spark conversations? Use the purpose as your guiding principle.

Always think of your audience
Every story has a recipient. Craft your message for them. Make it understandable and appealing to them. You'll need to modify the language, tone and even channels depending on who you want to reach.

Add feeling
Emotions are a big part of the narrative. A message without the emotional part is just that, a message.

Everything is storytelling
It's not just a sentence. We mean it for real. Think about a fashion brand. The way it ships its product, the retail experience, its website and labels. Everything is storytelling. You communicate your story through every single action. When you have decided about the story you want to tell, make it consistent in all channels.