Creativity and design inspiration of the week (15.06.18)

We are always keeping an eye on what's new in the creative industry. It's not only useful to know what's going on but also to get inspiration and find new ideas.

Here is what we recommend this week:

You know we are big fans of efficiency in creativity. That concept can be applied to sessions too in general. Steven writes some tips about to reach peak efficiency in meetings. Read it on Medium.

Finding the right problem to solve is not the easiest task on earth. Sometimes we get distracted by other things and can't spot the critical issue. Check this interview with Rohini from Square where she gives insights about how to be a better product manager. Read it on Intercom blog.

Did you hear about the term "omnibot"? Don't worry, we didn't know what it was. FastCo writes about the rise of chatbots and describes the next evolution of this technology. Read it on FastCo.

This new concept got our attention too. Discover what's a "self-serve" business. Read it on Medium.