4 signs of an efficient, creative team

Sometimes we are too focused on the difficulties instead of bringing up the positive things about our team or organisation. It's good to analyse the problems, and it's also good to check what you are doing good already.

In this case, we ask ourselves; what are the signs of a proper functioning creative team? By looking at this list, we can figure out if we are doing our job right or we might have to improve something.


We can assure a team is at its best when:

Everyone express opinions and ideas freely
There is no fear of making mistakes or saying something silly. You know people won't point at you if you are not right all the time.

All voices are heard
It doesn't matter if someone has a higher hierarchy than others when it comes to sharing opinions, your team pays equal attention to everyone.

Everyone works towards solutions
You don't waste time on nagging about the difficulties. Your team has a clear vision of what it wants to solve and goes for it.

There is a global sense of ownership
You celebrate ideas, achievements and success equally. Your team can't see distinctions between individual and group performance.

While you read the list, think about your team; can you see these points in your organisation? Do you need to work on something? And if you do, what is the origin of the problem? Remember, you can't force a group to perform right. You need to facilitate the right culture and nurture it with time.