Why some tasks can block your creative process

There are some tasks that you immediately jump to solve, and others you keep delaying forever. It's normal; it happens to everyone. But, do you know why?


It's obvious that there could be many reasons to delay a task. Sometimes you need to do it because it's not the right time or it's not your priority. But other times, you can be suffering a common problem; lack of clarity.

Clear tasks offer immediate gratification. You know how to do them, so before you start it, you can picture the process, steps and finally, the result. You feel good when it's done, and ready to jump to the next challenge.

When a task is not clear enough, things change. You hesitate and doubt. It's an extra effort because you can't picture the process, steps or result. And if you can't see it in your head, it's extremely complicated to complete it.

So, what's the solution? If you feel you might lack clarity on a project/task, don't feel sorry for investing the time you need for completely understanding it. Ask your colleagues, clients or research the parts you are confused about. 

Identifying this situation can be quite tricky, but we recommend you to push the alert button any time you spend too much delaying, hesitating and doubting over a task. If that happens, clear it out, and then go for it.