Organising your team before an ideation session

We often talk about how to run creative sessions and to brainstorm, but we didn't say that much about the preparation. There are some essential points you should cover before you start working.

Like any other task, creativity needs some planning. Here is our short list of everything you need to prepare.


Send the brief before you start
Yes. Please, it's important. Some people need to warm up before they start generating ideas. If you expect everyone to start creating amazing concepts from the very first minute they hear the briefing, well, you might get disappointed.

Compile questions
After you send the brief, always ask if there are any doubts or extra details your team needs. Answer these questions just before the brainstorming as a warm-up. It will help them get in the zone, and it will work as a recap.

Let people think first
That's why sending the brief first is so important. Allow your team to have some time alone to think about initial ideas. It's especially crucial when you don't have a lot of time for your creative sessions.

Plan a clear agenda
Don't improvise. Set a time and a goal. Make it clear and realistic.

Those things will help you organise your team before you start creating. After you have it all arranged, now it's time to start the action.