How to create modern brands with the help of Triggers

This month we just released four new decks focused on different themes. One of them is the Brand Strategy deck, designed to help you envision modern and dynamic brand personalities.


Creating a company personality can be tough. There are many things to take in consideration today, from the way it uses social media to the design and visual aspect. 

When we started creating our deck, we decided to focus on four elements; voice, behaviour, purpose and opportunities.

It's the way it talks and communicates. Not only with language, but with visual elements.

It's the way it acts and reacts to situations. Being ready to jump into action when needed is essential.

It's the soul of the company. The reason why you do things. Some of the questions in our deck will help find your mission in life.

And lastly, a good strategy means being ready for the future. You should be open to finding new projects to work and new adventures to join.

Those aspects define a good brand strategy and can work as a blueprint for any decision you make for the company. 

The questions in this deck will open possibilities for you that will make you rethink the way your brand should act and think.

During the sessions, you can freely take cards and ideate around them, or use our brand strategy canvas to organise the ideas. Place a bunch of Triggers cards on the table and start ideating.