Logic and intuition; what's best for creativity?

The way we create ideas is related to the way we are. Some are rationals, and others feel comfortable with abstract thinking. But, what's the best approach for creativity?


There are two clear extremes in the way we can approach ideas; using logic thinking (rational, structured, formal) or your intuition (irrational, abstract, passionate).

If you rely on your logic, you run the risk of creating quite dull and predictable ideas. Which, sometimes might be the right answer, of course. On the other hand, if you go full on with intuition, you might make the mistake of only listen to your ego and not the real needs of the project.

Probably every creative process is a right combination of logical thinking and creative intuition. You need both to succeed, as logic settles the basis and intuition can add the final touch.

We all have these two voices inside our brains. It's a matter of training yourself to hear both. Depending on the situation, you might want to develop one more than the other.

Creating teams in which logic and intuition are balanced is another way of making sure there is a diverse way of looking (and solving) problems.