Tips on using Triggers; get the most of your creative sessions

We have seen the positive effects of using Triggers cards in brainstorming and co-creation sessions. It improves the process as well as the result. It facilitates participation and creativity.

Even when the cards are a straightforward tool to use, you need the right attitude and mindset. To get the most of them, follow these simple rules.


Don't question the question
Some people first's reaction is to start thinking if the trigger question is right or not for the project they are working at the moment. We understand that could be a typical response, but it's not the ideal one. When facing a trigger card, you should read it with a positive and active attitude. The idea is to explore the possibilities it opens for you, not to reject them before you do it.

Go extreme
Again, the questions are designed to allow you to explore and dig into potential solutions. To get the best results, let yourself to go as far as possible. Don't stop in the obvious.

It's about diverging
Remember Triggers is not about filtering or selecting, it's about generating ideas. Of course, you'll need a second stage to decide on what ideas worth keeping, but that's for later.

Attitude is key
If you don't put the passion, the cards won't work. That's for sure. Come positive and active.