Why creatives should run more co-creation sessions

It seems like lately a lot of design firms and creative shops decide to co-create the ideas and projects with their clients and users, instead of working the ideas themselves.


If you haven't done it already, we recommend you to try it out. Not because it's a trend, but because it has positive points you should consider.

You consider other perspectives
When you co-create with people, you are adding their sensibility, views and experiences in the ideas. It means your solutions will be complete and probably have more probabilities of succeeding. 

It allows you to connect dots
Some people may feel they are less creative if they co-create ideas with their clients. That's just not true. If you run a co-creation session, it doesn't mean you can't contribute with ideas. Your role is to observe and connect the dots. The only difference is your source of inspiration will be other people.

You develop empathy
By dealing with others, hearing their thoughts and seeing other thinking processes, you grow empathy and understand problems better.

Healthier approach
The time for creative geniuses is gone. We should look for collective intelligence and horizontal processes. Life is a collective experience and so creativity!

It's fun
It's an important point too! Designing and leading these sessions could be quite challenging but rewarding. Try it!