Dealing with the emotional rollercoaster during creative projects

We are happy to see that society is becoming more aware of the mental and emotional health of its individuals. It's a beneficial trend that affects work too. 


Companies realised that we are all humans (it took then long) and, as humans, we all have feelings. CEO's and HR departments are making significant efforts to have happy employees and teams.

How do emotions affect creatives? We have to be honest; the creative process is full of intense feelings. From joy, pride and excitement to stress, sadness and insecurity. It's all part of the ride, and there is only one thing we can do: accept it.

Being aware of it can help us identify what's happening at each moment. If you feel insecure while brainstorming, you should address and find the source of it. You might discover that you didn't understand the briefing correctly and that was making you anxious, for example.

Emotions can tell us about the problems we are facing. Think about them as a guide to decide if you should change or continue with the same process.

And by the way, in any case, don't panic. Every creative process has emotional deeps and highs. It's normal. It's ok.