New decks update: Official launch date

Just two weeks before we launch our four new decks. The date will be the 3rd of April, day in which we will start a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding to print the second generation of Triggers cards.

We already used the platform before, in fact, it was how Triggers started one year and a half ago. Now we go back to Kickstarter with a new goal: expand our family with four new decks.

Everything is almost ready. We have most of the questions develop, the new design and format, and last week we already recorded the video.

This time we are making it quite visual and self-explanatory. Andoni Beristain has filmed it and we can't wait to share it with you.

We are making some tweaks to the old decks too. For example, the names. We are thinking of changing the name of the Essential Deck to Campaign Deck, and User-Centric Deck to Human-Centric Deck. It's mostly because we saw it makes it more explicit for people to pick the right deck for each project.

Remember to keep an eye on our social media channels and newsletter if you want to receive the link as soon as we go live. There will be some (limited) exciting early bird prices :)

We'll be back soon with more news.