New decks update: first testing session

Last week we spent a whole day at McCann's offices in Barcelona testing the new decks with their teams.

2018-02-27 11.06.23.jpg

It was our first time trying the new decks. McCann was kind enough to organise seven different teams with seven separate briefs in which they would test the questions. It was essential for us to check the cards with real projects, as it's the ultimate proof that the tool works.

It was an intense day (seven hours in total). These are some of the conclusions we got after the session:

2018-02-27 16.42.12.jpg

1. Some of the decks had more uses than the ones we initially thought. For example, some teams were using the Storytelling Deck to ideate a concept for a communication campaign. We imagined the cards would work great for thinking of a video campaign, but not for the overall idea. But still, the questions help them with it.

2. We are turning experts at creating our beloved "what if" questions, but, sometimes, some cards sound great in our heads but are too confusing for users. We discarded some and improved others.

3. Honestly, we were a bit nervous to test the Brand Strategy Deck. Not because we didn't trust our questions, but because it's a very complicated and abstract field. The good news is that it worked great, and all the groups were delighted with the session. It's becoming one of our favourite decks.

4. The cards format and questions are always a great tool to start conversations and spark ideas in people's heads. It just works nicely!

2018-02-27 11.33.24-1.jpg

We want to thank McCann Barcelona once again for giving us space and time to run these sessions. It was extremely useful!

Do you want to test our new cards with your team too? Shoot us an email.