Preparing check questions to test your ideas

Creatives have a very particular job. They always need to empathise with different kind of people to create the best ideas they'll love.

Let's be honest. A lot of times we just go with our instincts and let them dictate what idea we'll choose. We think that's a valid way of doing things, but what if we could make it better?


For that purpose, we often use check questions. It works as a list of reminders that can bring us down to earth in case our ego (or imagination) went too far up.

These are some examples of the questions you could use in your creative process:
- Is this answering the project needs or our own needs?
- Are we taking into consideration all the consequences of the idea?
- Do we forget any important points?
- Are we proud of it?

Before you start ideating, you can create these sentences and keep them for later in the process when you have to filter solutions.

Airbnb has a great example of check questions for UX research. It' called Another Lens.

Building empathy and controlling creatives' ego is a hard job, but you can practise it with time.