Why analogue tools works great for brainstorming

It's become a stereotypical image of creative teams; you always see a bunch of happy people writing stuff on post-its and big sheets of paper. All full of markers, pens and colourfull paper notes.


You might ask yourself; why are they using paper so much? Aren't we in the digital era? The thing is there is a reason for that.

Using paper and pen allow us to focus on one thing at a time. There we don't have the constant stream of notifications, emails and apps calling for our attention. It's just you and the paper.

Analogue tools bring us together. We are not saying digital doesn't, but we are still in need of face to face meetings. I can write something on a post-it that someone else can take and contribute to it. As simple as that.

There is something magical about writing things down. It structures your thoughts, especially when you have to do it manually with your hand and a pen. Believe us, try it yourself!

Papers and post-its are visual elements. When you are done with the session, you get a sense of achievement. You physically see the result.