The importance of creating the right mood for your creative workshop

Sometimes we tend to forget we are human beings. We expect everyone to deliver as if they were machines. The fact is when you are leading a creative workshop, setting the right mood is crucial as it has a tremendous influence on the outcome.

Curious, excited, safe and playful are some of the critical moods you want participants to have. It will allow them to create freely and comfortable. The question is; can you change the way people feel?


It's evident that is out of your control to say how someone should feel. Instead, we talk about influencing and empowering certain moods. These are some tips that will help you with that.

Check-ins and check-outs
At the beginning of the session, have every participant reflecting on how s/he feels at the moment. Do it with care and attention. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but you'll build trust, peace and a sense of belonging.

Do warm-ups
We wrote a blog post about it. It can be games, exercises and reflections. Don't immediately jump into working.

Provoque thoughts
Bring interesting questions, cases and projects that will wake your audience's brains. Inspire them and set high goals for the project or workshop you are about to do.