Users feedback; Edite, design strategist at Fully Studios

Fully Studios are a Swedish web and film studio. They craft beautiful digital products, specialising in motion on the web. Their work is super colourful and gets your attention immediately. They create some unique vibe with their designs.

A couple of weeks ago, they posted a photo on their Instagram account showing how they used Triggers during a Skype brainstorming session. It got us curious, as we haven't experienced with remote ideation sessions with the cards yet, so we decided to write to them.


Here is the conversation we had with Edite, design strategist at Fully Studios.

What did you use Triggers for? What kind of project was it?
Me and our copywriter, Chelsea, used the Triggers for the most recent monthly ideation session we had on new content offer ideas for a client. As we work across two different cities, we almost always have to brainstorm while on a call online so trying new methods is super important. The co-working place where I’m sitting has a few of Trigger decks, so we gave the Essential Deck a try. It turned out to be one of the most productive and fun ideation sessions we’ve had!

How was the experience of using the cards in a Skype call? Was it hard?
We wanted to take turns withdrawing from the deck and then ideate around the question together. If Chelsea had to draw, I took the deck of the cards up, showing them in the camera and asking her to say “stop” while I was going across the cards with a finger. The one that I was pointing at when “stop” was the card we ideated on. It was a cool, fun way to pick up the ideation process that otherwise can be quite draining and being online didn’t make any difference, in some way - it might have made it even more fun.

What did you get from the experience? How did Triggers contribute to the process?
The risk in these ideation sessions every month is us becoming repetitive and redoing old ideas, so being triggered (pun intended!)  and challenged with questions that we wouldn’t have come up with otherwise or would have needed to put a lot of time in to prepare, was very valuable. It makes it so much easier when someone else comes up with a question to ideate around, especially when we have only an hour to brainstorm.

Make sure to check their website, it's quite awesome: