A guide to creating your design tools

Tools are a great way to help our creative flow going. There are many different ones; from canvases to cards and step by step methods. Lately, we truly see an explosion of design tools.


Most of them are being turned into products you can buy (as our decks ^^), but you can also make yours that are tailored made for your needs. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Find patterns
A lot of it it's to find things that are constant. It's especially useful for when you design canvas and methodologies. Observe your projects and even your process and see what things you always do.

Seek for inspiration
There are many ways of getting inspiration. In our case, we chose questions, but it's not the only way. Reflect on what inspires you and your team and turn it into a tool.

Learn from mistakes
Lastly, you can turn the experience into a practical guide. What made you fail previously? What were the risks? You could create control questions with them, or step by step protocols. At least you'll turn that frustrating moment into something useful.

Hope this inspired you to make your tools. If so, please let us know and share the knowledge :)