Big news! Launching four new Triggers decks

Since Triggers came to life a year and a half ago, we saw how much it helps creatives with its ideation processes. Initially, we wanted to create a very versatile tool that could be useful for any campaign, product launch or startup idea.

After a couple of months, we realised it was more than that. People were using it for creating ideas for videos, installations, new products and services, storytelling cases, posters, websites and so on.


With this insight, and after the experience we got, we decided to launch four new decks focused on specific needs our users have been telling us. 

Proud to present you the second the second generation of Triggers decks:
- Brand Strategy Deck
- Visual Deck
- Storytelling Deck
- Business Design Deck

The new decks aim to have a precise focus and solve a particular creative challenge. Also, this time, we didn't do it alone; we put together a fantastic team of advisors that are helping to curate, define and polish the questions. We'll reveal their names soon.

Also, we did a re-design of the decks, making it more resistant and even cuter. Yes, I know what you are thinking; is it possible to make them more adorable? Wait and see.

We'll be launching the new decks in early Spring this year. If you are curious, please subscribe to our newsletter, and you'll be the first to know (it also includes monthly tips & tricks about facilitation and ideation methods).

Exciting times! Can't wait to tell you more.