Users feedback: Victor, creative at Herraiz Soto

Herraiz Soto is a creative agency based in the creative neighbourhood of Barcelona. Their office is a giant old factory re-used as a home for their happy team of designers, developers and creatives.

Passion is their drive, and they use it to serve the needs of clients like Camper, Carrefour and BMW.


They recently got Triggers' complete collection of decks, and we were quite pleased when Rafa (partner) and Victor (creative) got back to us with a very positive feedback note.

We asked them to share their experience with the rest, and this is what they had to say.

How was the experience using Triggers cards?
Very, very surprising, and foremost, very, very stimulating.

When did you use them? what kind of project was it?
It was a brainstorming session for one of our clients. They sent us a very open briefing with a flexible outcome.

What did Triggers add to the process?
It helped us get places where we didn't think of, and allow us to find focus, as we were a bit lost in the process.

I understand you had a very informal session with the cards; you just grab them and went for it without too much planning. Was that a good or a bad thing?
It was definitely good. We are an extremely passionate team, so formality is not part of our DNA.