How to go about when your team is feeling down

It's reality. There are days when you or your team will be feeling lazy, unmotivated or just not in the mood of going into the ideation process.


We always advise not to force the creative process, so here are some tricks you could try to bring the energy back to the team.

Change location
Try somewhere new. Change the environment, get some fresh air. Something as simple as that could be extremely beneficial for your team's energy. 

Ask the reasons
Get to the core reason why the team is in a bad mood. Maybe some of them have been working on the project for too long, or maybe they find the deadline unachievable. You might find interesting answers that could help you solve the situation.

Introduce someone new
New people bring new energy. Get a couple of colleagues to jump into the session, benefit from their fresh perspective.

Use a new method
Ask your team to bring new exercises to the table. They could propose something they feel excited to try.

Call it a day
If nothing works, just get some rest and get back to it tomorrow. It's frustrating to waste hours on trying to go forward with no results. It could kill your team's vibe for a couple of days. So better stop and re-start for another time. Maybe in a couple of hours, maybe tomorrow.