How many Triggers cards should I use in each session?

Ideating with Triggers cards could be addictive! That isn't necessarily a bad thing (we assure you there are no health contraindications), but we recommend to put a limit on the number of cards you use for each session. 


We understand you; it's always intriguing to see what's on the next card. What new ideas you'll get. What paths you'll explore. But hold your horses, leave some for the next session. Don't use the whole deck for just one brainstorming!

It's hard to give a round number of cards you should use for each session. It all depends on the number of people, type of project and number of ideas you'll need.

Here are some tips you can take in consideration.

Cards limit
When you use Triggers cards with the primary method (Rounds, check it out here), as an average, something between 4 to 12 cards should do the trick.

Time limit
You could also set a time limit instead. As an average, 45 minutes should be enough for small projects, and 2 hours for big ones. We also have guidelines for that.

Ideas limit
The other way is to set a goal of how many ideas you want to produce before the session starts. If you use too many cards, you might find yourself with the problem of having way too many ideas. That means you'll need a lot of time to organise and decide.

Remember to enjoy your Triggers cards responsibly!
Happy ideation time!