What is a good team leader?

Fa-ci-li-ta-ting is the key.

The number of bibliography on how to become a good leader is inversely proportionate to the actual number of good leaders you can find around. It is astounding how many bosses have such a backwards idea of what being in charge means, with old fashioned ways of developing teams and discouraging workers. We’re not saying it is easy, but here you are some tips on how to be a good leader:


In leadership and in life, in general, empathy is a very important tool to develop. It is difficult to understand people if you can’t put yourself in their shoes, feel their needs and read their feeling properly. Also, if you don’t understand people, it is difficult to lead them, appreciate their effort, to identify their strengths and their capacities.

eriously, what’s up with this. As a good leader, you definitely don’t have to do everything; tattoo this on your forearm. Delegating is letting the team feel they’re responsible and relied upon, and even if they might do something wrong, that’s the only way towards excellence and learning. At the same time, the outcome could be much richer and more creative.

Listen and guide
Your team is not an abstract body of work. It is actually formed by people, professionals that have feelings. Listen to what they say and guide them the best you can to let them show their best side.

Leading is not easy; it takes a lot of patience to deal with people and their frustrations. Try not to take things personally, even if those things are straightforward confrontations and always remember to breathe. You are a facilitator, a guide; try not to lose the path or the direction.