Four ways of summarising an idea

An important part of the brainstorming is to arrive at conclusions.  Sounds basic, right? Well, that can be the hardest part sometimes. It's not only about the decision-making process (that's a single topic itself) but to agree on what are the ideas we got.


To clarify that, we need to find ways of summarising the ideas the easiest and clearest way possible. Here you can find four exercises that will help you with the task.

Explain it on a tweet
If you can explain your idea in 140 characters or less, you'll be forced to find the clearest and simplest description possible. That will help your colleagues to understand what you are talking about and skip all the unnecessary details.

Draw it
This one is particularly useful for products (digital or physical). With a drawing, you can show better than tell. Not everyone has the same ability to visualise things, so this will help your colleagues to see the same image as you do.

Tell the story
Explain it in four or five steps. It's a great exercise when your idea has some narrative behind it. It will also let your colleagues understand the flow of the concept.

Write it as a piece of news
Create a headline and paragraph telling what the reaction to the idea would be. It goes perfectly with PR campaigns. It helps to visualise the effect the concept could have on the media and how people will talk about it.