The attitudes you'll need for a great brainstorming session

It doesn't matter how well you prepare the exercises for your brainstorming sessions, if the team doesn't come with the right attitude, it will be a disaster.

What is the right approach then? How should people enter into the process? Is it better to be analytical or imaginative? We gathered the basis that shape what, we understand, is a great creative mindset.


It's essential. Without it, there is no point in trying to create something. Surround yourself with people that want to contribute.

Collective vision
You want someone that knows how to take the best out of the collective intelligence, someone that builds on each other's ideas. Believe us, when ideating a good team beats the genius. Any day.

Ideas are fragile when they are just born. An elaborate explanation or overcomplicated details could destroy a great initial idea. That's why simplicity is key here. You can always build on top, but the essence of ideas should be straightforward and pure.

Killing your darlings can be heart-breaking. It's all about being open to hearing new ideas and others' suggestions.