Three ways to generate ideas

We all like shortcuts, especially if they can cut us unnecessary time spent in boring "creative" meetings. When it comes to creativity, we depend too much on the Eureka moment, but there are ways to get there quicker.

Use these three ways to find solutions to your problems and save some time from unproductive brainstorming sessions. 


The most direct (and useful) answers could come by just analysing and observing the problem carefully. This technique is commonly used in design thinking. It's all about putting yourself in someone else's shoes.

How to use it in your favour; go where your users are. Ask them. Analyse their behaviour. Try to experience the problem by yourself.

It's the classic trick of looking at how other industries might have solved your problem before. Or even in other cultures. The analogy is about getting inspired by parallel situations that might or might not be connected to yours.

How to use it in your favour; before brainstorming, prepare examples of other industries/other ideas that can inspire you.

Don't underestimate this one. How many times you just had a hunch on how to solve the problem (and were right)? We are talking about that burden in your stomach, that little something that it's trying to tell you something from the inside. Listen to it. It might be the solution.

How to use it in your favour; give time to your creatives to explore solutions individually, even if they sound silly. If they believe in them, it may worth it.

There are many ways you can introduce these exercises in your creative sessions. You could think about designating a facilitator that prepares the material for the meetings, or you can even get some Triggers decks for your team. Yep, shameless self-promotion here. Hope you don't mind : )