Look outside your industry: Art

Explore the planets in the creativity galaxy

Inspiration is, in some ways, very addictive. The more you have it, the more you want it. And if you don’t have it, if you can’t find it, you go into withdrawal and you end up having peaks of desperation thinking that you’ve lost it forever. It is the nutrient for creativity and as necessary as your daily vitamins. The silliest piece of inspiration can spark your brain as a little bit of fuel can turn a campfire into the Great Fire of London. Creativity needs this fuel; luckily there are hundreds of ways we can find it, we just have to look at what surrounds our field. We’re beginning this series on how to find inspiration focusing in another planet in our same galaxy: Art.


Art is groundbreaking
Speaking of creativity, there’s no better example than the world of Art on doing things first. Ideas that are thought or presented for the first time are usually abstract, complex or hard to understand. They are also an essential part in opening discussions, presenting new ways of looking at things and opening new paths. Art is innovation, hence it’s an amazing source of inspiration.

Art is questioning
In creativity, we try to present creative solutions to everyday problems and new ways to present old ideas, always in favour of explaining something. Art is that something that opens those questions; it makes you wonder about life, death, divine and human.

Art is visual concept
Presenting and meaning go hand in hand in Art, as they should do in creativity. Art has a concept and knows how to say it visually; this is a great learning lesson.

Art is freedom
Art has no briefing, which, even if in our case that means going through a bad nightmare, it can tell us we can actually conform our own briefing. We can choose what to say and how to say it, learn from that freedom and express. Art is to our creative soul what a great dessert is to a nice meal.