The role of simplicity in brainstorming

Because keeping things simple is usually pretty complicated

To be honest, it is quite simple to have a very intricate idea; you just have to let your mind wander for some time and, sure thing, something will come up. However, it won’t probably be the best idea your creative mind has ever had and you’ll have to go on explaining yourself far too long to your colleagues, who will look at you with that “clients will never buy this” look on their face. Here are some tips to come back to earth and keep things simple:


The core is what matters
Simple yet effective ideas are what get people’s attention. They are easy to understand and they reach a broad audience, as well as they present a new focus, a new outlook, that makes them funny, surprising, emotive or mind blowing. Simple, but new. That is the key.

You can always build on top
Keeping it simple is a way to ensure that you have a firm basis on which to construct your creative actions. A simple, easy concept such as “making people smile” can develop into an eye-catching fabulous campaign or design.

It’s welcoming
Simple ideas are easy to catch; your creative colleagues can relate to them empathising and making them their own. It is easier to talk about “love” or “fear” than that time you felt angry because someone stole your hamster at school.

Lost in details, lost in thoughts
Seriously, stop talking and arguing about the most insignificant details in meetings. That is to productivity what wearing a wool jumper is to feeling hot. Ideas first, details later. That is the way.