Look outside your industry: Music

Explore the planets in the creativity galaxy

Looking for inspiration is a fun thing, if you got enough time to wander around walking slowly through lonely streets while you concentrate in the beauty of the small things in life. If, on the contrary, you got actual work to do, here’s our little guide on how to wake up the muses and make them dance to your tune. Today we have the one and only protagonist of the soundtrack of your life: music.


Music goes deep within
Music affects us in a very deep neurological: it stimulates the brain and shakes your thoughts instantly. Half a verse and you can be mentally traveling to that party where you ended up singing “Don’t Stop Believing” in a karaoke with awful results. It can make your hair stand, it can make you cry, empower yourself, it can make you fight and rebel. Now, that’s what we call power.

Music makes you travel
Music is a great inspiration tool just because it can instantly make your mind fly. You won’t actually need much more than to press play and let yourself go with the beat, no matter if it’s heavy metal, classical music or ambient techno, if that ever existed. You will be in another planet, which will be full of possibilities and ideas.

Music is democratic
It is cheap, it is ubiquitous and you can play it anywhere, and the outcome is still unlimited. You don’t need to own physical music or even pay for a ticket; you only need an Internet connection, which is pretty awesome.

Music means new ideas
Just like it happens in any other Art form, musicians have the gift of putting new ideas out there. They can shock, open conversations, speak about new topics or they can even say nothing, which is also saying something. The music discourse is as inspiring as music itself.