The biggest lie: everything has been invented

The Achilles’ heel of the creative world is thinking that there is no point in creativity whatsoever.

“It’s not like we’re going to reinvent the wheel”, “I mean, this is OK, we don’t always have to be ground-breaking anyway”, “well we haven’t invented gunpowder”. You’ve heard it a thousand times before from your bosses and colleagues; the general feeling is that, in this day and age in which we can tell Siri to take us somewhere so we don’t get lost, everything has already been invented. It is easy to think that, right? Electric cars, communication campaigns, the Cloud, the Internet, robots in Mars and what not. It would seem that there is a little path ahead of creativity to walk. But, fortunately, this is also one of the most stupid things one can think.


Go beyond
Thinking that everything is invented is counterproductive; brainstorming and coming up with new ideas is all about shooting for the moon knowing that you have to aim high to, later on, level down thoughts to make them practical, logical and realistic. If you think that everything has already been said and done, you are aiming lower than expected, missing the place where the creative magic happens.

Human beings are resourceful
Sometimes when I hear that everything has been invented, I can feel Copernicus’ ghost going all disapproval. If there were people in the past with a million times less resources than we do able to come up with amazing game-changing inventions, is it really possible that we can think that everything has been invented? Human beings are inherently resourceful, curious and imaginative. We will always ask questions, hence, we will always end up coming up with new answers.

Creativity is a muscle
Sounds weird, but, at the end of the day, you can work out your creativity. The more you think in a creative way, the easier you will get used to creative thinking. As simple as that; with methods as Triggers, for example, you’ll learn to think not even outside the box, but everywhere in and out that rectangular space depending on the outcome you with to achieve.