Keeping creatives stimulated

A happy creative is a productive creative

To say that creative professionals are unique professionals it’s an understatement; few other job titles are there that rely so much and solely on their brainpower to achieving the goals they have to. As many manuals and books that there might be on the topic, creativity is a path that has more guidelines than actual rules. Sometimes it even feels like trying to hit a pinata with your eyes covered, but the pinata is moving and you’re inside a bouncy castle. Here are some tips on how to keep creative people happy, stimulated and productive:


Little changes can be big changes
Little changes inside a team can put creatives in a completely different mindset triggering their excitement and, thus, their creativity. Even if it is a small move, like changing your creative session from one room you always work into the outside world, this will only nurture the brains. If you want to think outside the box, step outside the box.

Make it challenging
The task itself doesn’t need to be challenging, but the way in which you look at it can vary a lot. Creative brainstorming methods like Triggers can help you to introduce new ways of thinking and new paths into your brain wiring so you can explore new lines.

Learning is caring
All learning you can do is something that will expand your brain; also, the more you share with your team, the more chances you’re giving them to learn new ideas, new ways of thinking or new inspiration resources. This is the centre of what stimulation means; feeding the brain enough electricity to spark the magic.

Stop and think it over
If something is not working properly, if you feel that some process is getting stuck or is not developing properly, if you have a gut feeling that someone is not happy or performing as they’d wish to do... stop. Take a step back. Have a little talk. Without clearing all the issues, there’s no way of stepping forward or trying to find any stimulation.